Award-Winning Author Kristin J Wall

Kristin J. Wall is an accomplished scientist and award-winning author known for her unique blend of science and fiction. Her debut science-fiction thriller, Fate, won the esteemed Literary Titan Gold Book Award making it one of the best dystopian novels for young adults. Otherworldly Sweetness, her latest novel, it’s another captivating coming of age fantasy book showcases her award-winning talent and is available for purchase at major book retailers. Her passion for STEM and fiction shine through in her captivating writing. Her deep understanding of science and passion for storytelling makes her an inspiring and influential author.

Holding a Ph.D. in chemistry from York University, a prestigious Post-Doctorate from the University of California, as well as several years of scientific research, mentoring, and teaching experience, her love of STEM and fiction propels and inspires her exciting journey as an award-winning author. She has authored several scientific publications in peer-reviewed international journals. When not busy writing her latest novel, Kristin J. Wall can be found catching up on the newest scientific discoveries and reading all the fiction she can get her hands on.